Meet a Board Member: Lisa Maloney


Meet RIEEA board member Lisa Maloney! Lisa works as a Community Education Coordinator at Audubon Society of Rhode Island. She first got involved with RIEEA in 2010, and became a board member in 2019. She currently serves as the Community Engagement Co-Chair on the RIEEA board, co-leading the Community Engagement Committee. Read on to learn a little more about Lisa Maloney, one of our smiley board members (she included the emoticon smiles herself!).


What’s your favorite outdoor place in Rhode Island, and why?

There are so many lovely outdoor spaces in Rhode Island, but a favorite is Neutaconkanut Hill in Providence. It has the highest point in Providence, and has lovely trails through the woods and wetlands; a great place to visit year-round! 🙂


How did you get involved with the environmental field?

I grew up exploring the back woods behind my house and my dad encouraged my interest in nature. After studying about animals and plants, rocks and soils, ecosystems, ecology, and behavior, I was hooked. My first jobs at recreation centers, nature centers, and residential outdoor education centers got me interested in environmental education and I have never looked back. 🙂


What’s your favorite environmental fact to share?

There are 1.4 billion insects for every 1 person on the planet!


What has been your favorite memory of working with RIEEA?

I started attending meetings and summits as a community member in 2010. I joined the board in 2019. I love RIEEA’s work to connect people to each other and to resources that will help us all work together to create a more equitable, inclusive and sustainable world.

My favorite part of working with RIEEA has been getting to know other board and community members through potlucks, trainings, and social events, like our fabulous alumni event at Seagraves Observatory this past fall.

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