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Environmental Studies Scholarships

RIEEA is pleased to announce scholarships for students pursuing a college or university degree related to the environment. Winners have demonstrated a passion for the environment, community leadership, and success in their academic and/or employment and volunteer endeavors.

If you have an interest in environmental justice and education, conservation, or climate change solutions and sustainability, this scholarship is for you!


Four scholarships will be given this year: two for $2,000 per year for up to four years of study (i.e. up to $8,000 total per scholarship) and two for $1,000 per year for up to four years of study (i.e up to $4,000 total per scholarship). Scholarship winners will be required to update RIEEA annually on their educational progress. In addition, winners will be invited to attend our Annual Environmental Education Awards ceremony in the fall.





Rhode Island residents enrolled in, accepted to, or currently applying to, a college or university for an undergraduate or associate degree are eligible. Students must be pursuing or planning to pursue a degree related to the environment. Acceptable majors include environmental studies, environmental education, and the environmental sciences (e.g. conservation biology, natural resources, etc.). If you have any questions about whether your anticipated or declared major is eligible, please reach out to us at info@rieea.org.


2024 Timeline

Applications Open – Tuesday, January 16
Application Deadline – Monday, February 19
Interviews with Finalists – End of February/March
Winners Notified and Announced –  Monday, April 1


Application Process

Applications must be submitted through our online form. Please email us at info@rieea.org well in advance of the deadline if you foresee any problems with submitting an application online. You must complete your own application. Parents, friends, mentors, teachers, etc. must not complete it for you. You will be asked to provide:

  • basic contact information
  • a brief statement of need
  • a personal statement
  • a letter of support from someone who is familiar with you and your environmental studies/work (e.g. a teacher, professor, supervisor, etc. – this letter cannot be from a parent or guardian)   

Applications will be reviewed by a committee and finalists will be invited for interviews (via video call or in person, depending on preference and availability). Click here to view the criteria we will use to help us select our finalists. All applicants will be notified when the selection process is completed.




More About the Scholarship Program

The Environmental Studies Scholarship Program was established with financial support from Michael and Karen Isenberg with the goal of supporting a vibrant community of young environmental leaders in Rhode Island. Michael grew up in Rhode Island, founded the recycling program at his high school, and co-founded RI HOPE, Rhode Island High Schoolers Organizing for Planet Earth. His environmental leadership continued during his time at the University of Pennsylvania and has informed his career and volunteer endeavors.

Michael Isenberg ProJo

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