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Distance Learning Resouces

This list was started at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020. It is largely based on recommendations from members and served as a resource when students were entirely virtual. Thankfully, students have returned to the classrooms, and we are moving to the end of the pandemic. Nevertheless, we continue to list these resources for educators and families so that we can all continue to engage in environmental education and outdoor recreation in a variety of ways. If you have another resource that should be added to this list, see any broken links, or need any support at all, please contact us.

RIEEA Resources

Distance Learning Tips & Resources

Science & Nature Activities

Citizen/Community Science Resources

  • BudBurst – links the timing of plant life cycle events to human impacts on the environment
  • Field Scope – launch or join a project, from collecting and analyzing water samples to mapping the migration of birds
  • iNaturalist – share your findings with scientific data repositories
  • I See Change – investigate how weather and climate change are impacting the environment
  • Nature’s Notebook – track seasonal changes in plants and animals

Climate Change Activities

Gardening & Food Activities

Ocean & Bay Activities

Webcams & Virtual Tours

Other Resources

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