Rhode Island Environmental
Education Association

Join a Committee

Our committees help to inform and guide RIEEA’s activities. Each one is led by a RIEEA Board member and is comprised of board members and RIEEA members. Committee membership is a great way for you to contribute your unique perspective and ideas, grow your own skills, and learn more about what RIEEA does. ​Join one or more of the following committees and help us build a stronger environmental education community in Rhode Island!

Advocacy Committee
Chair: Ayana Melvan

Promotes sound environmental education policies and programs on a local, state, and federal level through grassroots and direct advocacy.

Community Engagement
Co-chairs: Lisa Maloney and Gráinne Conley

Engages individuals and organizations from a wide variety of fields and communities; reviews all programs and activities through a lens of equity and accessibility; and promotes programs and events.

Executive Committee
Chair: Jennifer West

Provides review, guidance, and oversight for the overall operations of the organization.
The Executive Committee consists of board officers and the executive director only.

Chair: Stacy Couto

Supports grant writing and reporting, and designs fundraising events including the Annual Summit (RIEEA’s annual meeting and accompanying program).

Measurement Work Group
Chair: Abby Burrows

Bolsters capacity for tracking progress and supports initiatives in clearly communicating both need and evidence.
The Measurement Work Group consists of board members and staff only.

Chair: Gráinne Conley

Selects nominees to fill Executive Board and officer vacancies from our members and community.

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