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Why are you a sustaining donor?

We asked Dick West, US Navy (retired), and here’s what he told us:

Dick West HeadshotMy 37 year military career allowed me to see the world: I sailed six of the seven seas, visited five of the seven continents, and lived on both coasts of the US. After my military retirement, I was pleased to lead a non-profit promoting federal investment in ocean research and education. While the mission was motivating, the lack of environmental literacy among those in positions of authority was frustrating. An Ocean Blueprint for the 21st Century (US Commission on Ocean Policy, 2004) was and still is the most comprehensive study of our oceans. This distinguished group dedicated an entire chapter (8) on education. If we don’t know and understand what our ocean challenges are, nothing will be done. Climate change is real and getting more dangerous. We need a generation of folks who understand our environment so that effective action may be taken. What we don’t know really will hurt us. If we are going to save our global homestead, we need generations that understand our environment. I am a sustaining donor and strong supporter of RIEEA, as they are making this happen in Rhode Island.

Donations help us provide educators and advocates with the resources they need and want to provide high-quality environmental education throughout Rhode Island. Make it easy and convenient to have an even greater impact and become a sustaining donor today!

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