Share Our Shore t-shirts & stickers

Share Our Shore
Image of sticker with words “Share Our Shore” in middle and waves along border
Coastline Explorers Club t-shirt
T-shirt with words “Coastline Explorers Club, est. 17,978 BCE, Share Our Shore” and happy crab along shore, with silhouette of sunset and sailboat in background


Be part of the club – the Coastline Explorers Club, that is! The amazing folks at Frog & Toad Store designed these awesome t-shirts and stickers and RIEEA receives a share of the proceeds. You can order directly through F&T’s site (use the code “RIEEA” for 10% off) or purchase them in the store. And you can read a blog post about this project here with more details about the Share Our Shore campaign and our design process.

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