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Southside Community Land Trust

SCLT serves people in economically challenged urban neighborhoods where fresh produce is scarce and who, as a result, are at risk for life-threatening, diet-related, chronic diseases. They do this by educating people about diet and nutrition, agriculture, and the environment; building and managing community gardens and farms; providing low-cost agricultural resources and support to community gardeners; and training beginning farmers and enabling them to sell their produce to members of their communities. SCLT owns or directly manages 21 community gardens in Providence, Pawtucket, and Central Falls, and partners with schools and housing and community organizations to manage 37 others. They also own or manage land used by 25 farmers to supply fresh fruits and vegetables to farmers markets, food businesses, restaurants and CSAs, as well as operate three production farms in Providence and Pawtucket that practice and demonstrate bio-intensive, small-scale agricultural production.


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