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Nature Conservancy in Rhode Island

TNC is a global conservation organization dedicated to overcoming the barriers to climate and biodiversity solutions. In Rhode Island, TNC has conserved over 40,000 acres of wildlife habitat with many partners, and offers 25 nature preserves from Lincoln to Block Island. As part of its coastal program, TNC scientists are tracking changes in upper Narragansett Bay and in Block Island’s Great Salt Pond, to help guide and implement fish habitat restoration strategies. And through its cities program, TNC is working with partners and community members to reduce neighborhood flooding and stormwater pollution, and to develop an urban forestry plan that equitably delivers the benefits of trees across Providence’s 25 neighborhoods. Through its digital Nature Lab platform, TNC offers a variety of free, age appropriate courses in conservation science for grades K-5, 6-8 and 9-12, plus bonus virtual field trips and teacher guides.


Nature Conservancy in Rhode Island
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