Rhode Island Environmental
Education Association

Meet our Executive Director, Jeanine Silversmith

Jeanine Silversmith portrait

Jeanine Silversmith has been serving as the first ever Executive Director of RIEEA since September 1, 2020. Jeanine has been with the organization since 2012 in a variety of roles. Her deep knowledge of RIEEA’s goals and programs, as well as her collaborative leadership approach and attention to detail, help RIEEA continue to build the capacity of the organization and advance their mission and vision.

Jeanine has a background in both formal and nonformal education, starting her career as a middle school science and math teacher and then managing the Wildlife Conservation Society/Bronx Zoo’s award-winning Girls for Planet Earth program. When she first moved to Rhode Island with her family, she joined as an individual member of RIEEA and served on various committees before taking her first position with the organization in 2012.

Jeanine works closely with the Board, RIEEA membership, and greater Rhode Island community to help the organization meet its strategic goals and vision, and to support and promote high quality environmental education throughout the state.

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