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Our Legislative Priorities for 2024

The Rhode Island General Assembly’s 2024 Legislative Session has begun! RIEEA is once again championing policies that will support and promote environmental education, access to outdoor spaces, community awareness, and environmental justice. 

PLEASE NOTE: The 2024 Legislative Session of the Rhode Island General Assembly has concluded, as of June 2024. Please refer to our Legislative Wrap Up for the latest updates on our priority legislation. 

We are excited to work with legislators and other state leaders on several initiatives, including our 2024 legislative priorities:

Environmental Education: RIEEA will advocate for policies and funding that support K-12 and college/university environmental education, blue and green economy workforce development, and public awareness of the environment. EE provides transformative learning experiences that provide a variety of benefits to students of all ages. Furthermore, all Rhode Islanders need the skills and knowledge to be competitive in the growing green and blue economies and to make informed decisions about their health and livelihood.

Our priority environmental education bill for this session is S-2356 / H-7496: The Rhode Island Climate Change and Ocean Protection Youth Education and Workforce Development Act, introduced by Senator Lawson and Representative Boylan. Check out this post that outlines five easy steps you can take to help this bill get passed!

Environmental Justice: We will support policies that require state agencies to implement environmental justice into their permitting proceedings and allow them to consider cumulative impacts of applications and proposed projects. In addition, we will advocate to decarbonize all schools in the state to address climate change and air quality issues that students and faculty, especially those in historically excluded and/or communities most impacted by climate change, may face.

Our priority environmental justice bills for this session are S-2292: The Green Justice Zone Act, introduced by Senator Mack and S-2535 / H-8127: The Environmental Justice Act, introduced by Senator Euer and Representative Alzate. Check our bill tracker for more information and other bills related to environmental justice.

Green Bond: This ballot measure – to be approved by Rhode Island voters in November – will include millions of dollars in funding for an outdoor recreation grant program, public access to our coasts, and other important measures. We anticipate supporting this bond, as long it prioritizes equitable access to outdoor spaces.

The bill is S-2496 / H-7550: Capital Development and the Green Economy Bond, introduced by Senator DiPalma and Representative Cotter. Check our bill tracker for more information and other bills related to increasing and improving access to outdoor spaces.

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