Meet a Board Member: Corrie Ignagni



Meet RIEEA board member Corrie Ignagni! Corrie works as the Manager of Digital Communications at Roger Williams Zoo in Providence, RI. She first got involved with RIEEA in 2021, and became a board member in 2022. Read on to learn what Corrie had to say about her passion for the environment!




What’s your favorite outdoor place in Rhode Island, and why?

Ryan Park Trailhead. It’s a beautifully hidden trail that is perfect for me and my dogs. With little foot traffic through the area, it is so quiet and tranquil and allows you to just enjoy nature.


How did you get involved with the environmental field?

I’ve loved wildlife and had an affinity for our natural world since I was very little. My goal career had long been to work with animals. Today, although I work indirectly with the animals at the Zoo, the conservation mission behind the work I do each day is what drives me.


What’s your favorite environmental fact to share?

Horseshoe crabs are one of the oldest living animal species on Earth! It’s estimated they have been around for nearly 445 million years, well before even dinosaurs existed.


What has been your favorite memory of working with RIEEA?

The annual Summit is always a favorite. It’s exciting to see everyone collaborating and learning together.

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