2022 Climate Literacy Act

State leaders have made significant investments to address the ongoing impacts of our changing climate, including those set forth in the Act on Climate, which sets mandatory, enforceable climate emissions reduction goals leading the state to achieve net-zero emissions economy-wide by 2050.

The Climate Literacy Act (S-2039 / H-7275) is the first step towards ensuring that upon graduation from high school, our young people are prepared to embrace our growing green and blue economies, take action towards addressing environmental challenges, and be civically engaged with climate and environmental policies. Climate change education provides transformative learning experiences that provide a variety of benefits to students such as an improvement in academic performance (including test scores), critical thinking skills, and personal growth and life-building skills such as confidence and autonomy. Climate change education is supported by the majority of Rhode Island parents and teachers.

Act today to help pass this important legislation!

  • Read this info sheet about the bill.
  • Review the organizations who signed on to our coalition letter of support.
  • Contact Governor McKee (401-222-2080; governor@governor.ri.gov) and voice your support for the 2022 Climate Literacy Act (S-2039 / H-7275).
  • Email writing campaign. (closed)
  • Postcard writing campaign. (closed)
  • Join our Google group to get action alerts about the legislation.

It is only when people speak up that real change can happen. Join with us to make sure that climate change is taught in our schools!